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Our story...

We saw a distinct need for a Sea Level Rise focused institution for the Chesapeake Bay. While many regional non-profits talk about Sea Level Rise, none make it a primary concern — or provide the resources required for equitable adaptation. Each founded in response to an issue of their era, none founded for the rising seas in our future.


We are a grassroots organization advocating for change or while remaining a non-partial resource of knowledge.  Our only agenda, our mission, is to be help small towns and communities thrive in the adverse future ahead — to promote every idea and person equally — to make every voice heard, every party equal. The Chesapeake Project is a platform for change, one that will promote ideas from any project, person, or organization.


We seek to educate those at risk of the tools at their disposal to come to their own conclusions, not to tell them what data is right or wrong. It is not our responsibility to force change, but to help those who desire it.



Grassroots Advocacy
by and for our communities

Our team

We currently have no paid team members and are actively building up an executive board for the official (and legal) launch of our project. Stay tuned for future announcements regarding our team members!

Founder / Director

Bryan Bay

Virginia Tech, Architecture with focus in Sea Level Rise.

Bryan is a local to Southern Anne Arundel and his family history is intertwined with the islands of the Chesapeake, with Holland being a family name.

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