Southern Anne Arundel County

We feel it every high tide now, Shady Side is now Shady Island. Just after Reno's the road becomes submerged regularly, the only way in and out of Shady Side.


Shady Side

We are our own voice for a better future.

The Project is meant to be a sort of community think tank, a place where we highlight what people are doing, share ideas that people have, or share resources for understanding what our future looks like. 

There are so many non-profits out there focused on the Chesapeake and so many people out there with ideas that should be heard, but there is not a central place to highlight them! That is what we are, a hub of ideas. 


Local Point of Contacts

Here's who is involved with the Southern Anne Arundel County Project



Chesapeake Project Founder

I have a background in sea level rise, community design, and architecture from my studies at Virginia Tech. My thesis was focused on the adaptation of the Shady Side Peninsula for the year 2100. I am becoming increasingly involved in the community, which started when I volunteered to become the communications director at the West River Sailing Club in Galesville.