Local Projects

What are local projects? They are the core of what the Chesapeake Project does, working within local communities to advocate for and educate our local communities. Becoming a Local Project connects all of us, allows local advocates access to our Social Medias and Website, along with connections to the other projects across the watershed. 

At the moment, it is officially just the Southern Anne Arundel Project. However we are actively investigating other local projects and advocates to promote.


Start a Local Project

All it takes is one person to start a Local Project. It can be an individual, a group of advocates, a town or community. The only requirement is a passion for our future in the Chesapeake Bay. 

Starting a Local Project

What does starting a Local Project take?

All it takes is one advocate. A Local Project can be started by anybody, whether they're an individual, town or community, or a group of advocates. The only requirement is that each project share the same passion of creating a resilient future across the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Does my location have to be along the Chesapeake Bay?

No! Sea Level Rise is two parts, the tidal forces and the stormwater. Places like Ellicott City (MD) need to adapt in similar ways to those directly exposed to the Chesapeake Bay.

What if your outside of the Chesapeake Bay watershed? We have a plan for expansion to cover similarly challenged areas. Reach out to Bryan at

How does the Chesapeake Project help me?

We manage the networking between all the local projects, provide a singular shared social media and branding (local projects are of course encouraged to start their own social medias). We help enable you to work within your locale to advocate and educate around the issue of sea level rise.


Find your Local Project