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The Chesapeake Project is always looking for people who want to help — whether that is someone who has an innovative idea or just wants to spread the word! At the moment, we are jump starting from Bryan Bay's Architectural Thesis with the goal to become an organization focused on adapting our communities for generations to come — one that not only raises awareness, but is a thinktank of innovative, unique ideas.

While the Chesapeake Project is jump starting from Bryan Bay's Architectural Thesis, the hope is that it becomes something larger — a movement, organization focused on adapting our communities for future generations. 

In order to adapt our communities, we need dedicated people wanting change whether or not they have expertise in resiliency or rising sea levels. If you think you want to help adapt the unique cultures and towns of the Chesapeake Bay region, please reach out to

If you want to keep in touch with the project, follow us on our social medias link to the right! You can also subscribe to our blog there.

The Team


Bryan Bay

B-Arch, Virginia Tech '21

Is actively involved in the local community, volunteering as Communications Director at the local West River Sailing Club. They have a deep passion for local histories, especially the waterfront history, such as the historic Hartge-built Chesapeake 20s that he actively races. He grew up on the West River and continues to live on the river as a liveaboard in his once-abandoned sailboat home.


Join us!

Anyone with an interest!

Creating solutions for communities across the Chesapeake is going to take every walk of life — environmentalists, architects, biologists, urban planners, politicians, community leaders, watermen... The list goes on because a good idea can come from anywhere, anyone!

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