About the Chesapeake Project 

 An Equal Voice for All 

What makes the Chesapeake Project unique is the grassroots effort we are actively forming. There are an uncountable number of nonprofit organizations dedicated to the Chesapeake Bay, while a vast majority of these are focused on the environment, yet not a single one is focused solely on Sea Level Rise. Many might mention it, but it is never presented as their primary concern. Yet the challenges and immensity of sea level rise clearly deserves to be one.

This is why there is a distinct need for a sea level rise institution for the Chesapeake Bay and not one of the other organizations can fill this void. Each one has its own distinct goal within the Chesapeake. Some fight purely for the environment, others our cities. When it comes to sea level rise, no one voice should louder than another. We need every voice at the table, but we first need to make that table.

This is the role the Chesapeake Project seeks to fill. We seek to be a neutral convergence point of science and economies, the natural and built environments, and all other competing factors. We seek to educate those at risk of the tools at their disposal, not to tell them what is right or wrong. We seek to promote every project that tackles Sea Level Rise as it relates to the Chesapeake Bay.

The conversation about Sea Level Rise needs to get loud. It needs to start getting people's attention so that nobody can claim they did not see it coming. 

As an organization, we seek to unify all other organizations and work with them to promote possible solutions to sea level rise, while allowing them to still pursue their own unique agendas.

Seeking Founding Members

For an advocacy group focused on Sea Level Rise

The Chesapeake Project is seeking foundational members, from any walk of life, to advocate towards a safer future in the face of sea level rise. We seek to become part think-tank and part advocacy group, promoting any ideas and raising awareness within the local communities of the risks they face. Interested? Email