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Sea Level Rise is eroding our communities.

There is a distinct need for a Sea Level Rise institution for the Chesapeake Bay, yet there isn't one. Other Chesapeake Bay non-profits talk about Sea Level Rise, but none propose solutions. None make it a primary concern.


None are positioned to be a grassroots effort advocating for change or to be a non-partial convergence of knowledge. Each has its own agenda, we do not. Our only agenda, our mission, is to be a neutral convergence of knowledge — to promote every idea and person equally — to make every voice heard, every party equal.


We seek to educate those at risk of the tools at their disposal to come to their own conclusions, not to tell them what is right or wrong.


We seek to promote any project that tackles Sea Level Rise as it relates to the Chesapeake Bay, to give those projects a platform to be heard.

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We are our own voice for a better future.

The Project is meant to be a sort of community think tank, a place where we highlight what people are doing, share ideas that people have, or share resources for understanding what our future looks like. 

There are so many non-profits out there focused on the Chesapeake and so many people out there with ideas that should be heard, but there is not a central place to highlight them! That is what we are, a hub of ideas. 



We are actively forming partnerships with local communities, corporations, and more.
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Local Projects

Find and join or start your Local Project. Interested in starting your own local project? We can help you with that too. 

Learn more about what local projects do and how to start one...

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